Povijest obitelji Vidas

History - Family Vidas


The Vidas family has been dealing with tourism for more than 60 years. In the 1950’s, the first generation of the family set the foundations that is now being nurtured by the fourth generation.

The first tourists in Supetarska Draga were campers who set up their tents on a family estate close to the present Villa Royal. In the years that followed, tourists recognized Supetarska Draga as a unique place where time stands still.

It is an Interesting fact that during World War II, the Vidas family house, as one of the largest at the time, served as a shelter to the Italian army. During Mussolini's occupation of the island, the family house was confiscated and became an Italian school. The Italian school was attended then by a boy in his own home - the current grandfather Šime (born in 1936). Sime and wife Anđelika continue the family tourism and open a boarding house.

The current owners of Villa Royal, Željko and his wife Marina, are living their life's dream with their children Peter and Stella as the 4th generation of the family and are creating the first joint project, Royal 12 Residences, successfully nurturing the tradition from the 50’s.

In accordance with harmony, tradition and past times, we are keeping up with modern times and timeless elegance.
Warm hospitality and care for our guests have always been the most important. The highest percentage of guests to date are guests who have already been visiting Villa Royal and the Vidas family for generations.

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